Who We Are

Hashdump is the computer security club at Colorado State University. We participate in and put on numerous security competitions every year, and attempt to facilitate a better understanding of security as a whole. All majors are welcome to join and participate.


You can read our organization’s constitution here

Contact Us

We meet every Tuesday at 5:00 PM in the Computer Science Building 315. You can contact all current officers at officers {at} hashdump {dot} org


Title Email Name
President president {at} hashdump {dot} org Stephen Walker-Weinshenker
VicePresident vicepresident{at}hashdump{dot}org Matt Erle
Treasurer treasurer {at} hashdump {dot} org Noah Cain
Secretary secretary {at} hashdump {dot} org Stephen Walker-Weinshenker
Webmaster webmaster {at} hashdump {dot} org Stephen Walker-Weinshenker