Meetings Cale said that we needed more 'content', so here's Kirby: <(^.^<)

Date Title Notes
16 October 2018 More Than Lockpicking

Here comes the ever popular lock picking session, but this time we will get into lock impressioning and general key cutting with Ben Say. (Bring tubular lock picks you have any)

9 October 2018 VM/Container Security

Hashdump officer Adam Smith will be giving a presentation on the exploits, security best practices, and pros/cons of virtual machines and containers.

2 October 2018 Vehicle Security

CS Undergraduates, Luis Rodriguez and Jake Walker, present about their experience hacking trucks and highlight the importance of protecting them.

25 September 2018 Security at CSU

CSU Security Manager, Steve Lovaas, is coming to talk about what types of threats CSU has to defend against and how the security team mangages these threats.

18 September 2018 DNS

CS professor Dr. Joe Gersch will be giving a talk on DNS conventions and exploits. We will also be holding officer elections.

11 September 2018 Social Engineering

Hashdump Alumni, Joseph Arnett, will be showing how easy it is to bamboozle people.

28 August 2018 First Fall 2018 Meeting

Introductory meeting for new members.

1 May 2018 End of Year Elections

End of year elections and hackers in the media.

24 April 2018 Warded locks and lockpicking

Introduction to warded locks and picks.

17 April 2018 Code Obfuscation

When the code you write is so awful, even you can’t look at it. Presented by Jack Applin

10 April 2018 C pitfalls and Exploitation

A shallow dive into the ocean that is C and what can be screwed up.

3 April 2018 Activities Week

Either Hacker Jeopardy or over the wire.

27 March 2018 BGP routing

Introduction to border gateway protocol from Dr Joe Gersch.

20 March 2018 Physical Security

What happens when your server walks out the door. Slides

13 March 2018 Spring Break

No meeting due to spring break.

6 March 2018 RMCCDC preparation

We will be discussing tactics and logistics for RMCCDC.

27 February 2018 Social Engineering

Social Engineering presentation and game.

20 February 2018 Network Security

An introduction to network security from Athith.

13 February 2018 Introduction to RSA

An introduction from Noah on RSA cryptography.

6 February 2018 Introduction to Kali Linux

Matt will give a presentation introducing Kali Linux and some of its features.

30 January 2018 RMCCDC discussion

More info about RMCCDC and basic skills intro. License Dialog Analysis from Ethan.

23 January 2018 Election Night

This week we will be holding the Officer elections that were postponed from last week. The more that show up, the more exciting election week will be!

16 January 2018 Welcome Back!

Tonight we will be discussing Hashdump Officer Elections and RMCCDC (Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition)

26 September 2017 Slow Week

This week will be slow again due to midterms. The agenda isn’t concrete, but we will most likely be watching a defcon talk and looking at current events.

19 September 2017 Wargames Continued

This week we practiced some more with overthewire:Wargames.

12 September 2017 Social Engineering

We will be holding a discussion on social engineering this week! Definition: (Social engineering, in the context of information security, refers to psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information.)

5 September 2017 Over the Wire: Wargames

We will be going through’s War Games. Bring laptops if they are more comfortable than department machines.

29 August 2017 Guest Speaker

Steve Goeringer from Cable Labs will give a talk on network security, IoT and working in security.

22 August 2017 First Meeting of The Semester

Welcome everyone. We will be introducing the club and officers. Come if you are interested.

2 May 2017 Last Meeting of Semester

This will be our last meeting this semester. We will be holding officer elections and discussing next semester. Please try to make this meeting.

18 April 2017 Kleptographic Attacks on RSA

How to steal data someone else “encrypted”.

28 March 2017 Shodan tomfoolery

News discussion and Shodan tomfoolery.

21 March 2017 Debrief after RMCCDC

Third place is cool.

14 March 2017 Spring Break

No meeting due to spring break. Happy Pi Day everyone.

7 March 2017 RMCCDC 'prep' Part 2

Screwing around on shodan

28 February 2017 RMCCDC 'prep' part 1

What it says on the tin

21 February 2017 Password Management

Some discussion about passwords and password managers. Slides

14 February 2017 RMCCDC Prep

Explanation and prep for RMCCDC

7 February 2017 The long awaited RFID talk

An explanation of various RFID technologies and how broken some of them are.

31 January 2017 Call for Proposals

Discusion about ideas for topics to be presented.

24 January 2017 First Week of semester

First meeting of Spring 2017 semester.

17 January 2017 No meeting today

No meeting due to presidential sickness.

13 December 2016 Finals Week

No Meeting due to finals week.

6 December 2016 Cellular Comms Part 2

Delving deeper into the security side of cell communications. Slides

29 November 2016 Intro to Cellular Comms

A basic introduction and history of Cellular communications. Slides

22 November 2016 Thanksgiving break

No meeting due to CSU Thanksgiving break

15 November 2016 Cellular Talks 1

Cleansing the palette with a Defcon Talk

8 November 2016 Midterms round II

Unknown, probably a defcon talk

1 November 2016 SQL Injection

SQL injection talk by Caleb

18 October 2016 Physical Security Part 2

The planned conclusion to the Physical Security Talk began two weeks ago. Slides

11 October 2016 Defcon Talk Number 2

The problem with an overworked presenter/president is that things don’t get done. So we are watching a defcon talk instead. Link

4 October 2016 Physical Security Part 1

Discovering a horrible router and the begingings of the long awaited Physical Security Talk.

27 September 2016 Weekly News and Defcon Talk

Due to imminent midterms, we will be talking about recent security news and watching a Defcon talk.

20 September 2016 CTF Wrapup

Analysis and explanation of some of the CTF challenges.

13 September 2016 What is a CTF so bring your laptop and find out!

Find some flags and have some fun.

6 September 2016 WEP and WPS wireless

Learn why not to use it and maybe how to get into trouble.

30 August 2016 Second meeting talk about stuff

Second meeting of the semester.

23 August 2016 Start of the Semester

First meeting of the semester.

10 May 2016 Final Exams

No meetings due to final exams.

3 May 2016 Last talk before spring break

Discussion about next semester and elections.

19 April 2016 Guest talk by Cale Black

Meeting will be in CSB 130.

12 April 2016 Locks, keys, and physical security measures

Intro to locks and keys with guest Ben “Jammin’” Say

5 April 2016 Workshop: Analyzing more advanced encryption.

Continuation of the previous week’s topic, with an explaination of the basic examples. Files for both weeks

28 March 2016 Workshop: Analyzing basic encryption.

Introductory level encryption analysis, with a more challenging aspect for the tryhards.

22 March 2016 No Tech Hacking - Jonny Long

Recorded Defcon talk with discussion

15 March 2016 Spring Break

No meeting due to Spring Break.

8 March 2016 Midterms

No meeting due to midterms. Join us for a chat on IRC.

1 March 2016 RMCCDC Prep and Cards Against InfoSec

Preparation for the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. Also cards against InfoSec.

20 February 2016 RMCCDC Prep

Preparation for the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.

16 February 2016 Burp Suite

Introduction to Burp Suite

9 February 2016 Defcon Group or CitizenFour Showing

Possible visitor from defcon group, with backup of CitizenFour showing.

2 February 2016 CitizenFour Showing

Cancelled due to weather.

26 January 2016 Welcome back!

Welcome back! We will be having fun! Come and join. (Gerhard's Night!)

19 January 2016 XSS Workshop I

Welcome back! We will be learning about XSS techniques and prevention. XSS Playground 1 Files

8 December 2015 RFID: 20th Century Technology Meets 21st Century Tools

The semester finale with a live hardware demo.

1 December 2015 Relax

Card games (Ctrl+Alt+Hack) and relax.

24 November 2015 Thanksgiving Break

No meeting

17 November 2015 Q/A and Movie

General Q/A and news, plus showings of Adam Ruins Everything, and the 1995 Movie Hackers

10 November 2015 DNSSEC

Introduction to DNSSEC by special guest Dr. Joseph Gersch, COO of Secure 64 and instructor at CSU.

3 November 2015 Hangout Night

Relax and have fun. Show-and-tell session because the main speaker cancelled.

27 October 2015 WEP WEP WEP WEP

Lets talk WEP. Talk starts at 5:45 by Gillz.

13 October 2015 Security Policy for Software and the Workplace

In this basic introduction to security policy planning, we delve into some of the technological, economical, and psychological considerations that plague the planning and enforcement of good security practices. Talk by Caleb. Slides

6 October 2015 Crypto III: Crypto Tools and Techniques

Joe Arnett returns to demonstrate how to use several of the available tools for securing data including VeraCrypt, GPG, Enigmail, and a couple others. (Slides forthcoming)

29 September 2015 Crypto II: Modern Ciphers and Cryptanalysis

Caleb Begly provides a basic introduction into cryptanalysis which is important for determining the security of a new algorithm. Slides

22 September 2015 Crypto I: The Beginning

Joseph Arnett provides an introduction to the field of cryptography (secret writing) including some history. The topics discussed range from simple, obsolete ciphers to complex contemporary ciphers. (Slides forthcoming)

15 September 2015 DRM: Uses and Limitations

This talk by Liam Kelly discusses the controversial topic of Digital Rights Management and brings to light some of the intrinsic flaws and limitations. Slides

8 September 2015 Physicial Security and SocEng

Security is a mindset. This talk by Joe will go over the basics of physical security, and the threat of social enginneering. Slides

1 September 2015 Application Credential Storage

An introduction to proper application credential storage by Caleb. Slides

25 August 2015 Responsible Disclosure

Club information and goals, and a brief talk on responsible disclosure by Caleb. Discussion question: “What is security, and why do we care?” (Slides available upon request)

28 April 2015 nmap

Learn about one of the most important tools in your arsenal.

13 April 2015 Password Management

Password management is import, Use it

6 April 2015 pfsense

How to set up and use the pfsense firewall with ls64

31 March 2015 Home Networking Hardening

How to harden your home network.

24 February 2015 GPG/PGP Intro and Crypto

An introduction on how to use GPG and why its important.

10 February 2015 Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Detection and Prevention

An introduction to XSS by Caleb. Slides

3 February 2015 SQL Injection

An introduction to SQL injection by Caleb. Slides

27 January 2015 Attacking GSM Networks Through A5/1

Cellphone wireless tapping for the everyday man. Learn why your conversations are not so safe.

2 December 2014 Grsecurity, PaX, and advanced Linux hardening

When paranoid gets awesome. Come learn about advanced hardening techniques on linux.

18 November 2014 Intro to Linux Hardening

Secure by default? Are they ever?!

11 November 2014 Web Security 101

The web is not a safe place!

28 October 2014 Bitcoin

An introduction to cryptocurrency, by cryptdough

14 October 2014 Exploitation 101

An introduction to buffer overflow and basic exploitation, by dsp.

7 October 2014 Social Engineering

The weakest link is you.

30 September 2014 Password Cracking 101

We now know about password hashing, handshakes, etc. Now what do we do with them? Cracking 101

23 September 2014 WPA2

WPA2 is not the perfect solution, we talk about attacking and bruteforcing WPA2.

16 September 2014 Cryptographic Hashing

Logan gives the talk on cryptographic hashing. Also a visit from Prof. Ravi Sandhu.

9 September 2014 WEP

Hopefully by now you know not to use it. But just to reinforce its issues we will discuss why. WEP might be worse than leaving your network open…

2 September 2014 Introduction to Wireless Security

Testing wireless security and demonstrating its weaknesses

26 August 2014 Introduction to Computer Security

An introduction to who we are, what we’ve done, what we will do, and what we are about.