Hashdump Colorado State University's computer security club

We attempt to facillitate a better understanding of security and participate in cyber security competitions every year. All majors and experience levels are welcome to join and participate.

We meet Tuesdays at 6:30 PM in the Computer Science Building 130.


Hashdump will be meeting in CSB 130 from now on

Congratulations to our 2018 RMCCDC team on winning second place!

Upcoming Meetings

Date Title Notes
16 October 2018 More Than Lockpicking

Here comes the ever popular lock picking session, but this time we will get into lock impressioning and general key cutting with Ben Say. (Bring tubular lock picks you have any)

9 October 2018 VM/Container Security

Hashdump officer Adam Smith will be giving a presentation on the exploits, security best practices, and pros/cons of virtual machines and containers.

2 October 2018 Vehicle Security

CS Undergraduates, Luis Rodriguez and Jake Walker, present about their experience hacking trucks and highlight the importance of protecting them.

25 September 2018 Security at CSU

CSU Security Manager, Steve Lovaas, is coming to talk about what types of threats CSU has to defend against and how the security team mangages these threats.

18 September 2018 DNS

CS professor Dr. Joe Gersch will be giving a talk on DNS conventions and exploits. We will also be holding officer elections.