Hashdump Colorado State University's computer security club

We participate and put on numerous security competitions every year, and attempt to facillitate a better understanding of security as a whole. All majors and experience levels are welcome to join and participate.

We meet every Tuesday at 6:30 PM in the Computer Science Building 315. A current schedule is posted below:


Recent Meetings

Date Title Notes
30 January 2018 RMCCDC discussion

More info about RMCCDC and basic skills intro. License Dialog Analysis from Ethan.

23 January 2018 Election Night

This week we will be holding the Officer elections that were postponed from last week. The more that show up, the more exciting election week will be!

16 January 2018 Welcome Back!

Tonight we will be discussing Hashdump Officer Elections and RMCCDC (Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition)

26 September 2017 Slow Week

This week will be slow again due to midterms. The agenda isn’t concrete, but we will most likely be watching a defcon talk and looking at current events.

19 September 2017 Wargames Continued

This week we practiced some more with overthewire:Wargames.